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On Being Wrong

I’ve been meaning to write about the topic if “being wrong”. There’s some great material out there and it’s a Big Deal. Innovation demands failure. New knowledge requires mistakes, whether personal or, preferably, learned from others’ previous stumbles. Yet admitting … Continue reading

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Dr. Krugman and Mr. Hyde

I’ve criticized several of Paul Krugman’s posts on this blog, so a reader might think I’m simply opposed to him. That’s not the case. In fact, I find myself more often igniting the ire of, hem, “right leaning” friends when … Continue reading

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The ACA Is Bringing Out the Worst in Paul Krugman

Rather it’s the botched rollout of the ACA aka Obamacare that seems to have thrown Krugman into defensive fits. Normally Dr. Krugman’s intelligence and his careful, clear writing protects him from obviously contradicting himself. But his “conscious of a liberal” … Continue reading

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Krugman on Government Services: Passable Is Good Enough

If I posted every time Krugman contorted numbers to suit his ideology, set up strawmen to demonize his opponents, or took things out of context I’d be better off with a dedicated blog for that purpose. But the following statement … Continue reading

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Krugman, The ACA, and Petty Factoidism

I’d like to call attention to Paul Krugman’s misleading use of a statistic in a recent Op-Ed. In reaching for some sign of ACA (Obamacare) success Krugman states “so far, so good: in October, 22.5 percent of California enrollees were … Continue reading

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More Social Security, Please

Krugman suggests expansion of social security as a way to address secular stagnation. [NYT allows a handful of free reads per month, but you can read unlimited Krugman blog posts if you click through from the side panel list of … Continue reading

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