Energy Info

This page is like a list of bookmarks of energy-related topics I come across.

Econbrowser (Dec. 2013) on increased estimates for U.S. tight energy production to 2050, showing a major reduction in overall petroleum imports. However, it peaks around 2020 and then goes into decline. Also, some of the overall decrease in net imports is due to NGL and corn ethanol. The former is an imperfect substitute for petroleum in the current transportation infrastructure, as described here, and the latter is a poor fuel on a net energy basis (transforming chemical energy inputs via synthetic fertilizer and electrical energy, often from coal plants) into a transportation fuel. (Even if corn ethanol is bad economic and environmental policy, if the additional electricity used to power the ethanol plants is from natural gas, then ethanol is a partial, indirect conversion of natural gas to liquid transportation fuel – an inefficient one.



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