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Stupid things finance people say

h/t FT Alphaville Funny. Hard to pick a favorite. For the “we all know a Very Serious Person and have heard him explain his ignorance of social security to us or otherwise smack us upside the head with logical … Continue reading

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How Ya’ll Doin’?

This fun quiz honed in on where I’m from based on my pronunciations and terms for common items. (Actually you can see that there were three high probability, dark red sub-regions. The map below does not include the specific cities … Continue reading

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High Finance for Everyman

This is about the oddest bumper sticker I’ve seen slapped on the back of a pick-up truck.

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Fake It ‘Til You Make It As Defense Strategy

A big wine counterfeiting scandal actually went to trial. I won’t get into the back story here, but the accused was located in Southern California and allegedly used fake labels and packaging materials to create lots of counterfeit high end … Continue reading

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I was browsing through the Amazon online streaming movie titles on my TV and came across 1984. It’s not comforting that my first thought was that if I click to watch that title, they’ll be tracking it. I totally love … Continue reading

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Poultry Ain’t Easy

From a resilient and funny friend who recently gave away her two chickens to a nearby farm: It’s called simplifying life – even more – it was chickens in / dog out / chickens out / dog in / clean … Continue reading

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Socialists of the World Unite and Exploit Girls!

Browsing I came across I Spent a Month Living In A Romanian Sexcam Studio. Had to click that one. It was a fine enough read and not too long for longform. I learned who plays Farmville – the Romanian … Continue reading

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