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Dog & Squirrel

I came across this today. An epic stare-down between a quiet, unflinching dog and an agitated and vocal squirrel. It went on for at least five minutes, probably quite a bit longer. The dog never moved an inch, didn’t even … Continue reading

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Disparate Healthcare Outcomes, Trust, and Cultural Folkways

Can regional disparity in U.S. healthcare outcomes and spending be traced to centuries’ old migration patterns? This intriguing article claims that “wasteful healthcare spending at the regional level is, in many cases, a symptom of underlying backwardness” and that this … Continue reading

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Feelin’ Ya

Back from a great vacation. Esquire’s short list of great Beatles covers gives proper kudos to an excellent but largely unrecognized band from the way back, The Feelies. Listen to their cover of “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me … Continue reading

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How Ya’ll Doin’?

This fun quiz honed in on where I’m from based on my pronunciations and terms for common items. (Actually you can see that there were three high probability, dark red sub-regions. The map below does not include the specific cities … Continue reading

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Zappa #2

Follow up to Be Smart. Or Dumb. While looking for that content I came across this 1984 interview. The guy is funny and comfortable with his philosophy and approach. To me the first four minutes are just really funny (after … Continue reading

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Be Smart. Or Dumb.

I’ll admit that my appreciation of Frank Zappa hasn’t matured much beyond my school boy days. Listening to the wacky lyrics and crazy arrangements, the whole thing seemed kind of comic and fun. Zany but safe I guess. Tune in … Continue reading

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Judy Rogers

If this blog had a “Life Ain’t Fair” category, this post would be in it. I had no idea Judy Rogers, famed owner and chef of San Francisco’s Zuni Cafe and author of the eponymous cookbook, was very ill. She … Continue reading

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