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Liberals Agree: Phase-Outs are Marginal Tax Increases

This is more of a note to self. I’ve found that folks who self-describe as liberal often roll their eyes when you explain that means-tested subsidies distort incentives and that because there is a phase-out the programs can create high … Continue reading

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Notes on Thanksgiving

No, this is not going to be some witty Thanksgiving piece. This is no Consider the Lobster, though the crustacean was on the First Thanksgiving table. I don’t know what the lobster’s standing was when Lincoln invited his “fellow citizens … Continue reading

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The Equity Risk Premium [Note to Self]

Readers: You can skip this one. I’m just jotting down some stuff related to the equity risk premium, though there may be something of interest for those interested in stocks and finance. But it’s written in a hurry. In case … Continue reading

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