Hector on Charlie

Charlie Rose does many good interviews. I liked this one with Hector Monsegur, a computer hacker from New York whom the FBI tracked down an turned informant.

It begins about 31:30 on the slider (about 22:15 left in the episode).

A few things stand out:

1) Bored kids get into trouble. Smart bored kids without access to opportunity can cause real trouble.
2) The FBI plays hardball. Your family is in play.
3) Our critical infrastructure is inexcusably vulnerable to devastating cyber attacks.
4) Put #1 & #3 together. A system that promotes and encourages the Hectors out there would be a lot safer. Wasting that kind of talent is a major loss to the nation. (Somehow I doubt Hector would have fit the bill with a two page list of leadership activities and a killer essay to get into Harvard to pursue something like Gender, Race, and Oppression Studies.)

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