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Testimony Redaction

Count me as surprised that judges in a criminal case can order the redaction of witness testimony because it includes “offensive and inflammatory” language. The Ninth Circuit recently confirmed this practice even when the omitted language reflected a possible witness … Continue reading

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The Kennedy-Obama Connection

Trivial Over 50 years ago a campaigning John F. Kennedy had to defend his Catholicism against suspicions that he would have mixed allegiances and even defer to the Pope. He later presided over an intense period of conflict between Cuba … Continue reading

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Hector on Charlie

Charlie Rose does many good interviews. I liked this one with Hector Monsegur, a computer hacker from New York whom the FBI tracked down an turned informant. It begins about 31:30 on the slider (about 22:15 left in the episode). … Continue reading

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Adam Smith, TMS on parenting, school of hard knocks edition

A social media acquaintance recently posted an article The One Question Every Parent Should Quit Asking. The article is an objection to competitive parenting and over-programming with constant expectations of excellence. Instead the writer wants us to encourage the kids … Continue reading

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Adam Smith, TMS on the effects of bitter partisanship

I’ve been reading Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments on and off. (Hey, it’s so old you can get a free digital version for your e-reader at a site like this.) I’ve read elsewhere that Smith considered TMS his proudest … Continue reading

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