A Call For Profiling, Martyrdom Prevention Edition

CNN brings us the tale of four young UK citizens, three brothers and a friend, who went off to Syria to fight for the “Muslim nation”. One brother and the friend are already dead.

The article describes the mother of one as “flabbergasted that three Muslim teenagers, including one traveling on a stolen 15-year-old’s passport, were able to make it out of Britain so easily.” She asks “How did he travel how did he go through the airport? How can a bunch of kids travel like that and nobody even suspected? This isn’t about a religious thing, it’s about all of us being responsible” Well, teenagers from the UK travel the world and Turkey is a popular destination. What exactly would the mother say should be “suspected”?

The father of one of the brothers, who years ago came to the UK as a political refugee, laments his son’s death saying “You feel he died a good death as a Muslim. As a martyr, he goes to paradise. But at the same time you feel sad for the loss.”


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