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Statistician, Heal Thyself – Beacon Economics

Statistician, Heal Thyself – Beacon Economics. Figured I’d try using one of those “share” links at the bottom of an article. So here it is. Chris Thornberg shows why he probably doesn’t have any friends, at least politically partisan ones. … Continue reading

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Making An Honest Profit Is Not Easy

The little publishing house that gave us advice on decorative gourd season is changing its corporate form to non-profit. Most businesses operate in competitive markets subject to all kinds of uncertainties, risks, and grinding challenges. Book publishing has been under … Continue reading

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Update on the Bolivarian Revolution

Even without their Dear Leader, Venezuela continues the slide into poverty, chaos, political suppression, and violence.  And, of course, their inept rulers are blaming anyone but themselves. This time it’s a couple of academics. Venezuela is a major oil-exporting economy … Continue reading

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Hey Ladies! …The Lord Will Provide

No, that title isn’t a snippet from a Beastie Boys revival. It’s paraphrasing the CEO of Microsoft. “It’s not really about asking for a raise, but knowing and having faith that the system will give you the right raise… That, … Continue reading

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A Call For Profiling, Martyrdom Prevention Edition

CNN brings us the tale of four young UK citizens, three brothers and a friend, who went off to Syria to fight for the “Muslim nation”. One brother and the friend are already dead. The article describes the mother of … Continue reading

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New Vulnerabilities

Societies change. Sometimes slowly over centuries, sometimes quickly over a period of decades. When we view the net result of the changes favorably, we are apt to it call it progress. Prior to the Secret Service Director’s resignation over a … Continue reading

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