Dog & Squirrel

I came across this today. An epic stare-down between a quiet, unflinching dog and an agitated and vocal squirrel.

The confrontation

The confrontation

The Squirrel

The Squirrel

The Hound

The Hound

It went on for at least five minutes, probably quite a bit longer. The dog never moved an inch, didn’t even seem to blink, while the squirrel popped back and forth from the roof’s edge to the top of the fence, angrily tail twitching and chirping in an attempt to intimidate.

The squirrel upon the fence

The squirrel upon the fence

Dog and squirrel

And still the hound looks on, unmoved

But the hectoring was not to be rewarded. After some time, and perhaps in part due to being openly mocked by people nearby, the squirrel finally left the scene in retreat…

dog - after

Whatever. What was THAT all about?

Victory, dog.

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