Oregon Is The New California

A really fascinating look at each U.S. state’s historical migration patterns.

I think when most people think of of California’s golden days they think the 50s into the 70s. The California Dream included a growing middle class, tremendous public works projects (water, highways, university educational system), and plenty of sunshine.

During this time people born outside the U.S. comprised 10% of the population, while native Californians at 37-46% of the population, were a minority. It was the land of opportunity and excitement for Americans from elsewhere, from aerospace engineers to rock stars.

Today’s Oregon stats for born in-state and born outside the U.S. exactly match California in 1970. There are only two big differences. First, back then Oregonians were a small sliver of immigration into California, while today Californians comprise the biggest immigration group into Oregon. Second, the sunshine thing, at least on the west side of the Cascade range.

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