Wierd Science

The mainstream media recently covered the announcement of experimental evidence for gravitational waves from the very (very, very,…) early universe. Media coverage of new scientific discoveries and advances in technology are pretty routine, so the significance and plain “wow factor” of this accomplishment could easily escape our attention. Moreover, most coverage probably leaves us non-physicists with barely a vague notion of the meaning.

This 30-minute NPR Science Friday segment communicates the findings well. The scientists who led both the theoretical and experimental work are interviewed together. They are very clear communicators about a topic that is mind bending and rooted in complex mathematics. They are not just clear, but enthusiastic, interesting, polite, and humble.

Will it cause us non-physicists to fully understand the theory and implications? Of course not. But IMO it’s worth a listen.

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2 Responses to Wierd Science

  1. David Batty says:

    Unless I’m missing an inside joke of some sort (certainly possible given the state of my sleep deprived brain these days), it appears that this blogging platform lacks a spell check for the Title field – “Weird” Science.

  2. David Batty says:

    OK, now I think I got it – I’m a little slow on the uptake these days. “Wierd” as in fate or destiny. That’s actually a pretty good pun. Pardon my presumption of a simple autocorrect mistake.

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