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Exercises in Statistical Gibberish: Neighborhood Crime Edition

The LA Times issues weekly “crime alerts” for any neighborhood with an “unusual jump” in reported crimes. An “unusual jump” means that reported crimes during the past week must be “up significantly” vs. the average week during the past quarter. … Continue reading

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Wierd Science

The mainstream media recently covered the announcement of experimental evidence for gravitational waves from the very (very, very,…) early universe. Media coverage of new scientific discoveries and advances in technology are pretty routine, so the significance and plain “wow factor” … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary

The bear market bottom was five years ago today. (No bells rang, but there were some whistles.) At pixel time the S&P500 is up 182% from the intraday bottom. Including dividends, total real return would be about the same. That’s … Continue reading

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On Being Wrong

I’ve been meaning to write about the topic if “being wrong”. There’s some great material out there and it’s a Big Deal. Innovation demands failure. New knowledge requires mistakes, whether personal or, preferably, learned from others’ previous stumbles. Yet admitting … Continue reading

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