The Jerk Knows

I’d say about the three hottest topics right now in American politics are income inequality, the ACA, and, tangled up with those, incentives to work.

No matter how you slice it (unless you hack it with a dull blade while standing on Astroturf), wealth concentration and incomes have become extremely skewed during the past few decades, reaching Gilded Age levels. There are well-funded campaigns by multibillionaires to mislead and misdirect people about this.

The ACA (Obamacare) intends to provide health coverage for millions of additional Americans. Whether one likes the design or not, it seems many people will be able to see a doctor and cure what ails them.

Finally, there is an ongoing debate about the disincentives from means-tested welfare programs. Recently the CBO estimated that the equivalent of nearly 2 million workers will choose to withdraw from the workforce in response to the ACA’s subsidy structure.

Liberals tend to be very distrustful of the mega-rich while cheerleading the ACA and ignoring conservatives’ advice that the meaning of a job is bigger than the paycheck.

Well, it turns out that The Jerk had all this covered back in 1979 (watch here):

  • Don’t trust whitey
  • Lord loves a workin’ man
  • See a doctor and get rid of it


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