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Hanlon’s Razor – Finance Guy Edition

Or, more specifically, structured products finance guy (*) edition. A new report described by FT Alphaville indicates that folks inside the structured products machine that helped pump up the housing bubble and devastate the economy weren’t evil, they were just … Continue reading

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14 Rules for Geopolitics

I came across this from Quartz, The 14 rules for predicting future geopolitical events. Meh, it’s OK. I thought it worth noting here if you’re into frameworks for big, complicated, impossible to fully model stuff. They added a 15th rule. … Continue reading

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Stupid things finance people say

h/t FT Alphaville Funny. Hard to pick a favorite. For the “we all know a Very Serious Person and have heard him explain his ignorance of social security to us or otherwise smack us upside the head with logical … Continue reading

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File Under “Duh” – Good Parents Matter Edition

I’ve got lots of half done and half baked blog posts. I’ll have to get back to posting. For now an easy one with a couple comments. The Atlantic relays shocking (*) news from economists that your parents matter to … Continue reading

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Keepin’ It Classy

I came across this somewhat provocative piece over at New Geography. It makes the case that U.S. “progressives” long ago morphed into a Tory-esque movement committed maintaining an established social order and antagonistic to the middle class and mobility. I … Continue reading

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Feelin’ Ya

Back from a great vacation. Esquire’s short list of great Beatles covers gives proper kudos to an excellent but largely unrecognized band from the way back, The Feelies. Listen to their cover of “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me … Continue reading

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