Rich People Get Better Healthcare

Even in European countries with various degrees of socialized healthcare, the wealthy have access to higher quality [competence, treatment options, timeliness] healthcare. [citations needed !!!]

And so it will be under the ACA. I just heard a radio advertisement by one of our region’s premier medical institutions. It reminded listeners of their superior care and world class physicians in key areas, but many new ACA exchange plans do not include them.

To my knowledge I’m in very good health and yet it was important to me to keep my existing primary care physician and have access to the region’s two premier medical establishments. As I and others have documented, it was difficult to find network details among the competing exchange plans. I persevered and I chose to pay more to buy a plan (off the exchange) that includes my doctor and those establishments.

That one’s income may determine the quality of healthcare options should stoke the outrage locomotive’s fire. Hypocrites on the right will declare their outrage even as they did nothing to ensure *any* care for millions.  Leftists will help ensure they’ll never be satisfied by repeating their creed that healthcare is a right and that everyone should receive the same level of care. The outrage train chugs along upon its infinite track. Yet what we should all press for is affordable higher standards of care among all institutions. We’re still fighting for better hands-washing standards in hospitals. We can make it better for all of us.

[As I wrapped up this post an insurance company chimed in with their pitch on having the most affordable coverage.]

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