I was browsing through the Amazon online streaming movie titles on my TV and came across 1984. It’s not comforting that my first thought was that if I click to watch that title, they’ll be tracking it.

I totally love Amazon and I totally love the government. I’m pleased with our social arrangements and happy with my position and place. Candidly, I think this is the best of all possible worlds.

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  1. David Batty says:

    South Park had a semi-funny take on this recently. One of the characters (Cartman for those who watch the show) is simultaneously upset about NSA snooping and constantly posting his every thought on Twitter (including his attempts to infiltrate and discredit the NSA). Honestly I don’t understand folks who constantly post their location, pictures of every meal, and the most banal of their “thoughts” for everyone to enjoy. For that matter, I don’t understand why anyone would need an integrated Facebook browser in their car. Guess I’m officially an old fart (“Get off my lawn, you damned kids!”).

    Privacy is dead. Double-plus good, Brother.

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