The ACA Is Bringing Out the Worst in Paul Krugman

Rather it’s the botched rollout of the ACA aka Obamacare that seems to have thrown Krugman into defensive fits. Normally Dr. Krugman’s intelligence and his careful, clear writing protects him from obviously contradicting himself. But his “conscious of a liberal” seems to be getting him overly worked up responding to Republican rollout criticism.

Case in point. He writes “So right now I see a lot of analyses that take the October-November average enrollment and present it as the shape of things to come — see, enrollment is far behind the predicted pace, and it’s mainly Medicaid! No acknowledgment of the reality that these numbers are weighed down…”

Just last month I critiqued a badly flawed Krugman column in which he cited and distorted California’s October enrollment figures, saying “so far, so good: in October, 22.5 percent of California enrollees were between the ages of 18 and 34…” In my critique I noted that “it is a very preliminary number. It’s from the first month.  A slight preponderance during a brief period contains nothing of statistical significance.”

Yet according to Dr. Krugman Republicans are wrong cite October through November enrollment numbers.

Now, Dr. Krugman could be deeply insincere and make up some story about how his California October numbers were about comparing age cohorts rather than overall enrollment. Such a defense is an insult to honor and reason.

But he won’t have to make any excuses because this is full-on preaching-to-the-choir defender of the faith material. October’s numbers are meaningful. We have always dismissed October’s numbers.

[Note: I’ve posted a couple of critical Krugman-ACA posts. Don’t think I’m obsessed. He’s been spilling a lot of ink, much of it ranting partisan hackery, and I’ve commented on only some of the worst examples.]

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