Zappa #2

Follow up to Be Smart. Or Dumb. While looking for that content I came across this 1984 interview. The guy is funny and comfortable with his philosophy and approach.

To me the first four minutes are just really funny (after a slow start). The guy just swats away the proto-PC stuff with ease.

During minutes 8 through 12 (or15) he delivers something like a manifesto for small business owners.

For another dead pan funny description of his tour in Sicily and his Sicilian heritage listen to minute 15:30 through about 16:30.

The rest is mostly his musical approach and upcoming stuff and would be most interesting to musicians and students of music.


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2 Responses to Zappa #2

  1. Curtis Colon says:

    It is funny how people signing paychecks tend to sound like republicans. Not what most people today think of as a republican – which is some mash up of a greedy wall street banker and a religious nut job – but a main street republican who has a business competing for survival. The same universal themes emerge that have since ancient times. Hard work, quality product, high standards, consistency, and the will to get others on the same page.

    • tward says:

      Curtis – Very well said. Yet many angry, shrill, and divisive self-described “liberals” in the U.S. today add in “racist” to make the greedy (banker) plus religious thing a caricature hat trick.

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