Krugman on Government Services: Passable Is Good Enough

If I posted every time Krugman contorted numbers to suit his ideology, set up strawmen to demonize his opponents, or took things out of context I’d be better off with a dedicated blog for that purpose. But the following statement neatly wraps up his ongoing Obamacare / excuse making / cheerleading campaign while shining some light on what it really means to have his kind of “Conscious of a Liberal”:

mainly the government is trying to give you money, namely subsidized insurance, rather than to sell you something, so it doesn’t have to match commercial performance right away

Dr. Krugman is very smart and tossing in “right away” was a smart move. But it can’t obscure the mindset. You see, the government is trying to give you something so you should shut up and be grateful. They’re not trying to “sell you something”. Make no mistake about it, sellers need buyers and buyers can demand standards. Am I to understand that “givers” like the government hand down to “takers” who should understand their place?

Between the “job creators” on one side and the beneficent government on the other, we all do have so much to be thankful for this season!

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