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Gettin’ Medieval: Math Edition

Larry Summers on Charlie Rose recently lamented the social acceptability, nay pride, of mathematical illiteracy even within academic circles. (The entire interview is good, but you gotta be happy hearing Larry wax on. Larry likes to elaborate at length.) His … Continue reading

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Don’t Eat The Shrimp

This research from the University of Delaware highlights another valuable aspect of mangroves and salt marshes. We already knew how important they are for protection against storm surges. They are also critical breeding grounds for some aquatic species. This study … Continue reading

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How Ya’ll Doin’?

This fun quiz honed in on where I’m from based on my pronunciations and terms for common items. (Actually you can see that there were three high probability, dark red sub-regions. The map below does not include the specific cities … Continue reading

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Paleocharlatans 2014

Peter Turchin over at the Social Evolution Forum is declaring 2014 Year of the Paleo Diet. I think his enthusiasm for the Paleo diet trend is overblown and his attempted take-down of skeptics unconvincing. (You can see my comments by … Continue reading

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Wealth of Nations: One Page, Three Insights

I reached for my hard copy version of Wealth of Nations, hoping to hunt down a certain section. I found the bookmark at page 96. There I found three insights that are still relevant today. 1) I recently posted on … Continue reading

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What He Said (Thornberg Christmas Wish List)

As Charlie Munger would say, I have nothing to add.

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High Finance for Everyman

This is about the oddest bumper sticker I’ve seen slapped on the back of a pick-up truck.

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