Single Payer or Mad Max

I’m radicalized on healthcare. I’ve had health insurance my whole life and a good part of it out of my own pocket when there wasn’t much money in said pocket.

The current situation is a complete cluster. The worst I’ve seen – and it’s always been confusing and stressful. The only positive is that I can’t be denied. The downside is everything else right now.

My current health insurance company cannot say whether my current plan will, after President Obama’s “keep your plan” thing, be available in 2014. It depends on Sacramento. Maybe. Barring that, they no longer offer a PPO in Los Angeles. But Ventura has one! But I could get an EPO.  Oh, UCLA is in network.  Yet we don’t know if your doctor (part of UCLA Physicians) is in the EPO. Still in negotiations with Cedars. Zero coverage out of network – Zilch. “So, like, what happens if I get hurt somewhere else, like out of state“. “Well, um, emergency is still covered”. “But what about after I’m stabilized?“. “Well, then after that it’s not covered.” “So, I’m completely busted up and can’t board a plane, what then? What if I need some surgeries, post-ER?” “Well, it needs to be in-network.” “So I could still be bankrupted by an accident within the U.S. – still liable for my costs?” “Well, um, I’m not totally sure how that works in that situation”. “So I guess I’d just find out after the fact…

The Covered California site is still slow, clunky, and pretty useless, especially if you want to ensure providers are in a given network. (For one network I was directed to a 37MB, 700+ page PDF listing providers. Searchable with Find, but for common names, have fun.)

The insurers are exist for one reason: Establish networks and negotiate prices to provide price and total cost assurance to consumers. They can’t even do that.

And WTF is wrong with the UNITED States in which each citizen is bound by his locality to receive healthcare? Tied to the parish. Maybe we should have to return to the town of our birth for the census too.

Screw it. Socialize it. Raise my taxes. That, or just give up and go Mad Max.

Yeah, it does upset me.

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2 Responses to Single Payer or Mad Max

  1. My experience is different (20 years of mostly employer provided insurance) but my conclusion is the same: the system is insane. Our smallish company has to incur a ton of expense to keep up with the changes in laws and policies. People that are on their own have to figure it out without much help at all. It shouldn’t be this tough. Nationalize it and let us get on with our business. Dealing with the NHS can’t be worse than dealing with UHC.

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