Republicans and Obamacare FUD

I’ll keep this one brief. (First, see

Make two assumptions about the Republicans for the sake of argument:

  1. They are sympathetic to business interests: They favor capital over labor.
  2. They do not really believe they can repeal or substantially alter Obamacare (ACA)

Question: Why would they and their media channels spread lots of fear, uncertainty, and doubt about Obamacare?

Answer: Because even a losing battle of waging a FUD campaign helps capital in the near term. Why? Because if a worker either a) is confused and fearful about Obamacare or against it altogether or, alternatively, b) is fearful that it could get repealed then that worker gains no effective bargaining power. You can’t sing take this job and shove it as you walk out the door if you don’t understand your options or if you think the rug could be pulled out from under the whole thing.

OK, this is just an argument for the sake of it. I’m surprised folks on the left haven’t made this a meme. I can’t see a reason they can’t think the Republicans / Tea Party are both stupid and clever like a fox at the same time. I remember Bush the idiot evil genius.

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