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Notes on Thanksgiving

No, this is not going to be some witty Thanksgiving piece. This is no Consider the Lobster, though the crustacean was on the First Thanksgiving table. I don’t know what the lobster’s standing was when Lincoln invited his “fellow citizens … Continue reading

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Turkeys of the World Unite

Rememberest thou the Parable of the Turkey. Happy Thanksgiving to the three people who read this blog.

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Krugman, The ACA, and Petty Factoidism

I’d like to call attention to Paul Krugman’s misleading use of a statistic in a recent Op-Ed. In reaching for some sign of ACA (Obamacare) success Krugman states “so far, so good: in October, 22.5 percent of California enrollees were … Continue reading

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Single Payer or Mad Max

I’m radicalized on healthcare. I’ve had health insurance my whole life and a good part of it out of my own pocket when there wasn’t much money in said pocket. The current situation is a complete cluster. The worst I’ve … Continue reading

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More Social Security, Please

Krugman suggests expansion of social security as a way to address secular stagnation. [NYT allows a handful of free reads per month, but you can read unlimited Krugman blog posts if you click through from the side panel list of … Continue reading

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The Norwegian Welfare State

Comparing different nations on one single metric – say tax rates or health coverage or unemployment – is always dicey, especially when the economies are not similar. There are many variables at play and even the single metric you choose … Continue reading

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GMO 2013 Q3 Letter

GMO have belatedly published their third quarter letter (pdf). (For more information on GMO click the “Backgrounds” page on the blog site.) Some quick highlights and my thoughts below (emphasis added). And, yes, this is much shorter than the 14 … Continue reading

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