Offending Powerful People (Prop 13 Edition)

I’ll have more to say on Prop 13 in other posts, but I take the opportunity here to share a link to a great blog, especially for California residents.

Chris Thornberg is one of those rare economists who is competent (he was right, in real time, on the real estate bubble for example), not a partisan ideologue, focused on pertinent issues (rather than esoteric academic stuff, though he has an academic background), and writes in a clear, engaging style (unlike some bloggers…)

I encourage you to spend time on the Beacon blog reviewing some of his past posts. I would focus on Thornberg’s posts over the other writers.

In this post Thornberg accomplishes two things. He reiterates important facts about Prop 13, shows why it is unjust, and dispels lots of wrong things that people “know”. He reminds us that Prop 13 is about privilege. It’s not about smaller government. It’s not about being “business friendly”. It’s not about helping seniors keep their homes.

He also gives us a glimpse into how powerful interests operate: They silence people who criticize their privilege and seek to marginalize them. This shouldn’t be news. However, Thornberg shows that their wrath isn’t just aimed at people diametrically opposed to them, They are intolerant of a centrist, a pragmatic moderate. Their message is clear: Speak out against our privilege and you’re persona non grata.

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